How to Decorate Your Garden With Personality


Making an outdoor space your own takes time and attention. Here are 12 ways to decorate your garden to make it stand out and reflect your personality.


Creating an outdoor space you love can be a challenge. Plants are part of the equation, but many other elements are involved in setting up a backyard hangout that is comfortable, inviting, and visually interesting.

Don’t feel limited by what your local garden supply store sells — here are 12 creative ideas to serve as inspiration for decorating your outdoor space.

12 Ideas for Decorating Outdoors

There are endless ways to personalize your garden with creative décor elements. So long as you choose materials that can withstand rain, wind, and sun damage, you’re sure to enjoy the results for seasons to come.

1. Set Up a Victorian Birdcage

Few garden elements add more whimsical appeal than a vintage rustic birdcage swinging in the wind. Set one up under the protection of a tree or beside an outdoor table to cultivate a sense of a living room while you sit outside.

How to Decorate Your Garden With Personality

Birdcages not your thing? Consider setting up a vintage wheelbarrow or bicycle instead for an equally charming and quaint effect.

How to Decorate Your Garden With Personality
2. Hang Weatherproof Sheer Drapes or Botanical Prints Over Framing

If your garden contains an arbor, pergola, gazebo, or other permanent structure, consider personalizing it with sheer drapes or gorgeous botanical prints or fabrics — just make sure they are weatherproof. Not only will they offer some privacy and weather protection while keeping the heat out, but they offer a cost-effective way to personalize your space.

How to Decorate Your Garden With Personality

If you don’t want to purchase curtains pre-printed, consider decorating plain ones with painted imprints of leaves and other natural elements.

3. Create Pathways with Flat Stones

All gardens improve with a sense of structure. Create a path for guests to wander along with a flat stone paver pathway. Curved, unpredictable designs tend to be the most visually appealing. It’s also wise to think through what the garden visitor will see at every turn of the path, so consider adding small sculptures, fountains, or structures at certain focal points.

How to Decorate Your Garden With Personality

Tip: Make the stones even more unique by painting patterns on them first.

4. Paint Imprints of Leaves on Benches and Rocks

There’s no reason to stick with boring wooden furniture outdoors. Add some pizzazz with weatherproof paint. One easy method for those that are less artistic is to make paint imprints from leaves, ferns, and pine needles.

How to Decorate Your Garden With Personality

It’s also possible to purchase nature-inspired stencils for a more uniform look.

5. Laminate Your Seed Packets to Decorate Each Garden Row

You take pride in your plant varieties, so show it off with customized seed packet décor. Laminate the packets for weatherproofing and place them around the growing space for a pop of color and a reminder of your hard work. They can even be used at the head of garden rows as a reminder of what is planted where.

6. Set Thrifted Garden-Themed Plates and Table Settings on a Table

One trait of delightful garden spaces is the presence of the unexpected. So, bring the indoors outside with a dishware set on a dining table. Beautiful botanical-themed plates are available at low cost at many thrift stores, meaning you can easily mix and match for a unique collection.

How to Decorate Your Garden With Personality

Consider gluing them to the table if you want them on permanent display, or keep them stored safely to be ready to use whenever you host a garden dinner party.

7. Create a Backyard Teepee for Private Space

Create some cozy privacy in your yard with a backyard teepee, complete with pillows and blankets inside. It will quickly become a popular hangout spot for all ages to enjoy some time outdoors.

How to Decorate Your Garden With Personality
8. Utilize Solar Lights for a Magical Nighttime Landscape

The garden party doesn’t need to end when the sun goes down. Keep your space cozy with solar lanterns or hanging lights over your outdoor structures. Choose ones that mimic real flames for an extra element of surprise.

How to Decorate Your Garden With Personality
9. Make Sculptures from Glass Bottles

Skip recycling those glass bottles and turn them into one-of-a-kind garden décor. It’s possible to purchase wire “trees” for mounting the bottles on limbs or get creative with your own display ideas. You can even shatter the bottles to use the pieces in wet concrete for glass collages.

How to Decorate Your Garden With Personality

The greater variety of colors and sizes, the more visually interesting the result will be.

10. Create Ambience with Wind Chimes or a Water Fountain

Block out sounds of the busy world by planning for more peaceful noises in your garden. Wind chimes and water fountains are beautiful to look at and create soothing sounds that will lull you into calm. Make your own wind chime from found materials, or purchase them premade from garden stores.

How to Decorate Your Garden With Personality
11. Upgrade Your Fence with Potted Plants, Botanical Fabrics, and More

Add some character to a boring privacy fence with outdoor décor. One idea is to mount an old rake on the side, then use the prongs to hang planters and other décor elements.

You can also mount potted plants throughout it, or drape outdoor fabrics to cover any ugly spots. Another creative idea? Cut up fabrics to make banners or flags you can link together to hang along it.

How to Decorate Your Garden With Personality
12. Turn a Shed into an Outdoor Dining Space

Is there an unused garden shed sitting on your property? Consider turning it into a three-season dining space by taking out some of the sides. Add a table and chairs inside, and there’s no limit to how you can personalize the space.

How to Decorate Your Garden With Personality
Decorate Your Garden Today!

There’s nothing stopping you from making your backyard garden a personal retreat with charming décor. Let these tips inspire you to create an outdoor space that is worth spending time in.