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Red maple

A species of Maples, Also known as Swamp maple, Soft maple, Water maple
Botanical name : Acer rubrum Genus : Maples

Red maple, A species of Maples
Also known as:
Swamp maple, Soft maple, Water maple
Botanical name: Acer rubrum
Genus: Maples
Red maple (Acer rubrum)


The red maple is a common North American tree with distinctive red leaves and flower buds. Its sap can be made into maple syrup and the wood is good for furniture. Though non-toxic to humans, the leaves are very toxic to horses. According to the U.S. Forest Service, red maple is the most common tree in eastern North America.
Plant Type
Bloom Time
Plant Height
18 - 30 m
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General Info

Name story

Red maple
Acer rubrum is famous for its bright crimson leaves in autumn. In fact, not only are its leaves red, but its flowers, petioles, branches, and seeds all show varying degrees of red. Although its leaves exhibit different colors ranging from orange to red based on the acidity and alkalinity of the soil, this does not stop it from being known as the red maple.
Soft maple
Some people question the name Soft Maple, because the tree is clearly made of hard wood. However, when compared with the sugar maple (Acer saccharum), the red maple is noticeably softer, with its wood easier to shrink and curl. This makes it more suitable for making musical instruments and furniture.


Celebration, auspiciousness, aid in survival, strength, protection


Artistic Value
The red maple is the most popular greening tree species in the United States, and has won several gold medals for this.
Beauty Improvement Value
Extract is often used in natural skincare products.
Garden Use
Red maple is a fast-growing deciduous tree commonly found in gardens. It is prized for its red color; leaves, fruit, buds, and twigs all display red hues. During fall, leaves turn a brilliant yellow. Its dense root system makes it suitable for preventing soil erosion. Red maple is appropriate as an ornamental in Cottage gardens. Plant with Spring Snowflake for color contrasts.
Red maple (Acer rubrum) Red maple (Acer rubrum)
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