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China rose

A species of Roses, Also known as Bengal rose, Chinese rose
Botanical name : Rosa chinensis Genus : Roses

China rose, A species of Roses
Also known as:
Bengal rose, Chinese rose
Botanical name: Rosa chinensis
Genus: Roses
China rose (Rosa chinensis)


The china rose (Rosa chinensis) is a Southwest China native. The plant has been cultivated for so long that it has become hard to tell the difference between wild and cultivated varieties. With medium-sized clusters of flowers and a long blooming season, it is easy to see why the china rose was chosen as the basis for many rose hybrids.
Plant Type
Shrub, Vine
Bloom Time
Spring, summer, autumn
Leaf Color
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General Info

Name story

Garden rose
Rosa chinensis has many horticultural varieties, so it has many common names. Since it is most commonly used in gardens, and is also one of the most common plants found in a garden, its most popular name is the china rose.
China rose
As per its name, the Rosa chinensis originates from China, and is one of the flowers that represents the country.
Bengal rose
Bengal rose was also a historically-famous name for the plant, as it was used in Bengal to make dye.


Happiness, longevity, eternal spring


Artistic Value
The china rose is one of the favorites of Chinese artists. It is often used in watercolor paintings and stamps.
Environmental Protection Value
It can purify the air, effectively reduce noise pollution, and also absorb harmful gases.
Beauty Improvement Value
It can activate blood circulation and beautify the skin with its antioxidants and anti-aging properties. Method: use the petals to make tea or add into other herbal teas. To use topically, infuse petals in water.
Garden Use
China rose is a deciduous shrub commonly found in gardens. It is prized for its long-lasting continuous summer-time blooms. It has unordered flowers which makes it suitable for informal flowering hedges and mixed borders. China rose is appropriate for Victorian-style gardens where it is often trained to climb trellises. Plant with Cranesbill or English Lavender for strong color contrast.
China rose (Rosa chinensis) China rose (Rosa chinensis)

Scientific Classification

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